A shower for children

A shower for children

We are convinced that self-determined children will actively shape the future of tomorrow.

"I can do this on my own"

To make showering fun,

The shower jet is adjustable in all directions. What a joy!

To make your child feel safe,

The shower jet is pleasantly soft and tingling. Simply adjust the amount of water using the main tap.

To keep your hands free,

the shower head is firmly attached. Your child has their hands free for toys, shampoo and shower gel.

We make everyday life more fun and create from children's eyes.

Our products are cool designed, easy to use and help children make their own.

Great motifs

Thanks to the adjustable shower jet, your child can try out the direction of the water jet themselves.

Assembled in just 3 minutes

We provide you with everything you need for quick and super easy installation.

Discover water playfully

We design the motifs together with you - take a look at our Instagram channel.

With Fredi's shower for children, your bathroom stays dry - no water march into chaos, just adventure!

Asti, founder of fredis and mom of 2 treasures who like to take the shower head into their own hands.

Fun for children and a break for parents

Discover water playfully

With their own shower, your child will be happy to shower all alone and not be afraid. Even washing your hair is a lot of fun!

At your child’s eye level

You set the temperature and jet strength, your child determines the direction of the shower jet - all alone and independently. Participation promotes courage and curiosity.

For shower & bathtub

Attach anywhere quickly and easily - no drilling, no tools, no stress. In 3 minutes your children's shower is ready for use and the exciting water adventure begins.

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relaxed families

fredis shower for children - the perfect choice for all parents who want to motivate their children to practice independent hygiene in a playful way.

Founding shipyard

The innovation from Stralsund is intended to teach children in a playful way how to shower and take away their fear of the annoying task of washing their hair. For happy children and satisfied parents.

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