Kid's Shower & Hairbrush

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Hairbrush color: Sea Breeze

Hairbrush color

Kids' Shower Design: Alpagua

Kids' Shower Design

Versand erfolgt in 3 bis 7 Tagen
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Happy radiance and pain-free hair brushing - that's the magic that our fredis set of a children's shower and a high-quality detangling brush brings with it!
The hairbrush's gentle, vegan organic bristles work their magic through every hair, whether it's a little Rapunzel or a wild lion's mane champion.

And our children's shower? It is the perfect companion for learning to shower playfully and independently. With bright eyes and lots of fun, the daily shower ritual becomes a happy adventure.

Easy to install in just 3 minutes

More independence

makes your child proud and courageous.

With joy and fun

your child is looking forward to showering.

Just shower

With our included 3-way adapter, the children's and parents' shower are always ready for use, even at the same time.

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