Badezimmer für Kinder

A kid's shower as a bath toy

Eine Kinderdusche als Badespielzeug

No matter whether at home, in the bathtub, in the shower or outdoors: the element of water is very attractive to most children, regardless of age. Both toddlers and older children have the most amazing imaginations and can include the children's shower as a bath toy or as a shower toy. Fill cups, make foam coffee, wash the toy figures, recreate water activities or simply splash the parents - there are no limits to your imagination.

The highly flexible kid's shower head can even simulate a cold rain shower. Our children's shower can be quickly and easily installed in the bathroom wherever it is needed. It can be used as a water toy for children in both the shower and the bathtub. Simply provide a few bowls, ladles and toys and the water fun can begin. With the kid's shower as a bath toy, children can keep themselves busy for hours. This allows you to try out how to use water in a playful way.

Are you worried that your child is setting the water too hot? Don't worry, there are plenty of instructions online on how you can adjust your mixer tap so that the water doesn't come out of the shower too hot. Show your child how to fill their own water and there are no limits to the showering fun. Just take a look at our shop and choose the right motif.

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