Tägliche Hygiene bei Kindern

How do I promote personal hygiene in my children?

Wie fördere ich die Körperpflege meiner Kinder?

With the following tips you can ensure the right motivation and teach your child hygienic independence in a playful way. Taking care of your toddler's body isn't just about teaching him/her hygiene, it's more about giving him small experiences of success step by step in order to experience his trust and the fun of hygiene. As in so many areas, when it comes to children's hygiene, independence creates trust. And if something doesn't meet your expectations, the motto is: stay calm and try again another day. By the way, learning hygienic independence doesn't mean that you have to go swimming for hours every time. It is often much more practical and time-saving to give the child a quick shower. When can you introduce independent showering? If your child can stand safely, then this is a good time to introduce the child to showering standing up and no longer just on mom or dad's arm. Having your children's own shower increases their motivation. We have summarized some tips and advice for you below to counteract your children's poor hygiene. We deliberately do not go into the topic of 'brushing your teeth' because this topic should stand on its own and be treated separately.

Create the right environment

  • Stool in front of the mirror so the child can see themselves.
  • There are enough instructions (IKEA) to enable your child to wash their hands independently.
  • A simple stool for older children is also totally sufficient, as long as your child can reach everything.
  • Washcloths, toothbrushes and soap at child level are also motivation for washing themselves.
  • With the children's shower you can create another child-friendly highlight in your bathroom; set your thermostat so that the water is not too hot. If your child can't reach the faucet while showering, help them turn it on. You can also place a small stool in front of the bathtub to make it easier to get started. Try it out a bit, there is always a solution to enable your child to become independent.
  • The kids' shower with child-friendly motifs can be a loyal supporter in order to directly increase motivation and introduce the “independent showering” project.

Encourage your children to help with personal hygiene

  • Proceed slowly and carefully. Your children have to learn everything first. The more you motivate and encourage them, the faster they will learn.
  • You can ask your child to help out and have fun with it: “Lift your arm so I can wash you, lift your foot, etc.”
  • The children's shower provides the best conditions for your child to learn hygienic independence (e.g. turning the water on/off themselves, adjusting the shower jet, etc.)
  • Many children don't like the feeling of water on their heads when showering, although washing their hair isn't necessary every time anyway. The child can easily direct the shower jet from the children's shower in the way that feels most comfortable. The child decides on their own and this eliminates any potential points of contention when showering. You can find further information on the topic of washing your hair on our topic world page.

to be a role model

  • The more often your child watches you shower, bathe or wash your hands, the more likely it is that they will take daily personal hygiene for granted.
  • Include siblings if there are problems with the younger children.
  • Showering together can give your child a sense of security. Siblings can shower together, this embodies the naturalness of showering.
  • Take your time in the evening and jump into the shower yourself.
  • With our included adapter you can shower at the same time. This means your child can spontaneously decide to jump into the shower with you.
  • Showering in parallel offers the advantage that you can use your shower unit straight away.
  • At some point, personal hygiene becomes a complete habit and you can no longer get your child out of the shower.
  • In order not to forget the aspect of saving water, introducing showering to small children is an important thing for parents, because a full bath does not have to be drawn every time to give the little ones a quick clean.

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