Tägliche Hygiene bei Kindern

Clean diaper area

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  • If your child wears diapers, your child's diaper area should be gently cleaned with a washcloth, warm water, and optionally some cotton and almond oil. If the diaper overflows (the so-called diaper explosion), you can also hold your child under the tap. Here too, the children's shower is ideal for larger babies. If the child no longer fits into the sink or kicks around too much, a little more space and freedom of movement is very helpful. Since the shower is firmly attached to the wall, you only need one hand to turn it on, leaving both hands free for your child: one for holding the child and the other for cleaning.
  • If your child only wears a diaper at night, the diaper area should be washed at least 1-2 times a day (morning and evening). The children's shower is also very practical here. If the child can stand on its own, all they need to do is stand with their bottom underneath and you can clean the intimate area in a relaxed manner. Because honestly, a cold washcloth out of the box doesn't feel that pleasant on your bottom either 😉
  • After washing the diaper area, dry everything well so that it doesn't get sore.
  • Wet wipes are of course a practical alternative when you're on the go or when things have to be done quickly.

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