Tägliche Hygiene bei Kindern

How often should children shower or bathe?

Wie oft sollten Kinder duschen oder baden?
  • Daily hygiene is very important for children, but of course children don't have to bathe or shower every day. But cleaning your intimate area in the morning after a night in a diaper prevents a sore bottom and unpleasant odors.
  • The child can be cleaned in a relaxed manner in the children's shower without mom/dad having to hold the shower. Children often resist washing up in the morning, but with the children's shower, parents have a convincing argument. It's very simple: the child simply stands under the children's shower and the bottom is held in the direction of the water jet. This can be used to wash away odor-causing bacteria. With a children's shower, motivation for hygiene can be significantly increased.
  • A bath or a long shower 1-2 times a week is completely sufficient for small children if individual parts of the body such as the buttocks, neck folds, hands and face are washed regularly.
  • Warm water is often sufficient for cleaning, as soaps and shampoos can dry out children's sensitive skin. Particularly dirty areas can be cleaned with a mild soap.

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