Badezimmer für Kinder

Meaningful gifts for expectant parents

Sinnvolle Geschenke für werdende Eltern

Practical and long-term useful gift ideas for expectant mothers and fathers that will really score points!

“Ooooooh, beautiful... Another rattle...!”

Damn. You had been thinking for so long about what useful gifts for expectant parents no one in your circle of friends had thought of - and then something like this! You get annoyed and – admittedly – ​​feel a bit stupid. Of course Kerstin has already got a rattle. Just like the rest, we thought of bibs, toys, singing books, cuddly toys, hats, pacifiers and comfort blankets. It's hair-raising. What else can you give as a gift?!

We know that! That's why we're saving you from searching for the best gift for pregnant women and new parents! Here you will find ideas and answers to:

  1. Cool gifts for pregnant women? Why can't I find anything original?!
  2. What is a meaningful gift for expectant mothers and fathers?
  3. Creative gifts for expectant parents that they really need
  4. Finding personal gifts for expectant parents has many great benefits
  5. Smart checklist: This is how you avoid everyone having the same gift idea for parents

Cool gifts for pregnant women? Why can't I find anything original?!

The Struggle is real! Finding meaningful gifts for expectant parents – that sounds easier than you might think. Whatever you thought of, everyone else thought of, right? Mmh-hmm. This is simply because everyone is on the same websites and many practical gifts for pregnant women actually make sense - but not in six versions.

And the soon-to-be mommies and daddies are often faced with the well-known problem: on the one hand, they get everything twice or three times as free, which is particularly stupid for consumer-conscious people. On the other hand, sometimes there are well-intentioned things that you quickly realize are used exactly once - and then never again. Speaking of which: If you're looking for really meaningful gifts for expectant mothers and fathers, please don't buy them steam cleaners for pacifiers or bottles unless you specifically want one! We speak from experience… 🙈

What is a meaningful gift for expectant mothers and fathers?

Before we present you our great gift ideas, we first have to briefly clarify how a meaningful gift for parents is actually defined and what you need to pay attention to. There are some criteria that should be at least partially met. Whatever you give, it should be something that...

  • is urgently needed.
  • is tailored to the preferences and needs of the parents .
  • is unique and original so that it doesn't end up in five versions on the gift table.
  • ideally beneficial in the short and long term .
  • ideally solves a specific problem (we'll get to that later!).
  • In the best case scenario, it is made from sustainable natural materials .

But now to the drum roll: *drrrrrrrrruuum*

Creative gifts for expectant parents that they can really use!

What is often forgotten but is incredibly useful? That's right: gift ideas for the bathroom! Because the bathroom is usually the most child-unfriendly place in the whole house: washbasins that are too high, slippery tiles, shower heads that are out of reach, nasty corners and edges... Man. In this niche there are some really cool gifts for new fathers and even newer mothers that no one in your family or friend circle has thought of!

The best thing about them is that - unlike shoes or baby toys - they grow with the children and accompany them throughout their entire childhood or at least over several years. So these are long-lasting, sustainable gifts for expectant parents - and it just so happens that you can find these great products in our shop. Well, that's practical!

  1. 1. Clean gift idea for new parents : spruce up the bathtub and shower! Helping children discover their own personal hygiene and developing a bathroom routine with them - that's a blast. With our Fredis children's shower, showering becomes a real underwater adventure! With the shower for children, you can catch two fish with one fishing rod: On the one hand, the shower is attached with suction cups and grows with the children, so this gift idea makes bathing and showering easier in the long term. The parents adjust the strength - the little ones choose between two jet types. Thanks to the attached but rotating shower head, both hands are free. This makes washing your hair, scrubbing your feet clean and hunting sea monsters much easier!
    Children's shower lighthouse
  2. Children's shower lighthouse
    2. A... err... great gift idea for the bathtub, pool or beach - our cute children's ponchos with a hood are perfect for slipping on and getting dry quickly! This looks darn cute and also has the nice side effect of keeping the little ones cozy and warm! The ponchos are large, so your whirlwinds will last for a long time.
  3. 3. Great gift idea for fresh haircuts: Does the wild mane of your whirlwinds want to be tamed? Oh, that often causes loud anti-enthusiasm... But we have something up our sleeve that will silence the screaming concert and save your nerves! Here is our children's brush without pulling or a detangler brush for curly, wet, matted and/or thick hair. In this way, you can gently and carefully unravel your kids' mental apparatus.
    Children's shower lighthouse
  4. 4. Meaningful gifts for expectant mothers and fathers: vouchers. The. Go. Always! With our fredis voucher for (expectant) parents you can give them a sustainable, creative and, above all, useful gift. You can use the voucher for all of our products in the fredis shop. Any remaining amounts do not expire but can be used for future purchases. This is a brilliant gift idea for parents who value flexibility as it allows them to design the bathroom according to their preferences and needs. This makes it a safe and supportive place for the little rascals!
  5. 5. If the parents have already expressed specific wishes, these obviously have priority. But here too there are a few things to consider: In our final checklist you will find out how to give smart and targeted gifts (jump mark).

Finding personal gifts for expectant parents is child's play - and has many great advantages

In today's throwaway society, it's wonderful to give something that lasts a long time and ideally only has to be bought once. The bathroom itself is often forgotten, even though it offers so many opportunities to find meaningful gifts for expectant mothers and fathers.

That's why our Fredis gifts for the bathroom are sustainable and accompany parents for a long time through the best times with their kids. In our top 5 you will definitely find something that will make parents' hearts beat faster! They are therefore perfect as…

  • Christmas present for new parents
  • Gift idea for a birth
  • Easter gift for expectant parents
  • Birthday gift for children
  • Basis for a really good survival package for expectant parents

And aside from the fact that moms, dads, and kids will have a lot of fun with these great bathroom gifts, it shows that you really put some thought into it. And they will appreciate that!

Finally, we have put together a few tips for you that will help you avoid saying things like “Oh, you also bought a bib?” can avoid in the future with friends and family!

Super smart checklist: This is how you avoid everyone having the same gift idea for parents

  1. Ask instead of guessing! Ask for a list of very specific gift requests. Yes, that's obvious, but especially when it comes to basic equipment, many parents know what they've already got, what they can use and what they can't. This way you avoid the dreaded “Ooh, uh… thank you…” favorite hunt! Ask specifically whether they prefer certain colors, materials, brands, stores or (online) shops. If necessary, you can also have a list sent to you with direct links to products that the soon-to-be parents themselves have already had their eye on!
  2. Exchange! Set up a WhatsApp group with friends, acquaintances and family and talk to each other! This is simple and effective. So there is no “Oh Christel, you bought that too?!” - Surprises. If there are larger wishes on the list - child seat, baby bed, changing table - you can also fold them more easily and use your gift to relieve the expectant parents of a large financial burden!
  3. Zaster! Opinions differ here, but we think: monetary gifts are always useful gifts for expectant parents! Because children. Are. Expensive. New furniture, diapers and baby food are just the beginning. The little rascals grow out of their clothes very quickly, maybe need glasses or a new stroller, a balance bike or a bigger room... it all comes together nicely!
  4. Vouchers! If there is a store or online shop where the newbies like to shop anyway, you can only do everything right! The possibilities for finding useful gift ideas for parents are endless: just think of all the clothing stores, toy stores, furniture stores, shopping malls, hardware stores, drugstores and even supermarkets, for example if expectant mothers and fathers place a lot of value on healthy organic food!
  5. Save the receipts! We all make mistakes sometimes. So if something is duplicated or doesn't quite suit the parents' taste, the gift can be exchanged again! Sure, it says the price and that might be a bit inelegant when it comes to gifts, but let's be honest: it's better than investing the money in something that just ends up taking up space. You don't have to staple the receipt to the package right away. ;) Instead, write a sweet card pointing out that your gift can easily be exchanged if necessary. In this way, you can also anticipate possible discomfort on the part of the parents, because many people find it uncomfortable to bring something like this up on their own. So make it clear in an understanding manner that it is in no way impolite if they want to exchange the gift - after all, you want to give them the most meaningful joy possible! :)

So - we hope you are now a lot smarter and can now put together a great survival package for expectant parents with the help of this article! No matter whether you belong to the circle of friends, will soon be a godmother, grandpa or cousin - we wish you a lot of fun giving gifts and a wonderful time with the little rascals!

- Asti, Rico & Fredi

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