Tägliche Hygiene bei Kindern

Washing children's hair made easy

Haarewaschen bei Kindern leicht gemacht

Fear of washing your hair – or as your child would say: “Eeew!”

The scream echoed so loudly off the bathroom tiles that we were afraid our mirror was going to shatter. You probably know this: When it's time to wash their hair, the kids suddenly don't feel like it anymore, and some children are even really afraid of washing their hair: Then they stomp their feet, cry bitterly or scream at half the bathroom. At least it's a feast for the eardrums almost every time. Our little one used to make washing her hair a huge drama, even though she wasn't actually afraid of water. But when we were showering her, she got something in her eye while foaming - and then the fun was over very quickly, she didn't want to wash her hair anymore. When we were about to simply scrub them with the washcloth, resigned to fate, we put our heads together again and put on our thinking caps. There had to be a solution. So what do you do if your little ones don't want to have their wild mane washed? First, we have to briefly clarify where this fear of washing your hair actually comes from.

Why is my child afraid of washing their hair?

Reason 1: Be careful, sensitive little head!

Some children need a while before they become real shower heroes. And there are understandable reasons for this: especially for the very little ones, when their heads are as fine and delicate as a baby clam, the first encounter with the water world can feel very scary. Many children therefore find washing their hair unpleasant. If water suddenly splashes over your face, washing your hair can turn into a little shower drama - it almost feels like a crashing wave when you're so little!

Reason 2: Oops! – Sensitive sense of balance.

Children have a very sensitive sense of balance and can quickly lose their sense of direction when bathing or taking a shower. Imagine you were in an aquarium and suddenly it swayed violently back and forth - oh yeah, right? You can get seasick there. The feeling of water running down your nose and eyes can quickly cause panic.

Reason 3: “Yikes!” – The moment of shock!

And if foam gets into your eye, another little drama is inevitable - it burns like salty sea water. Although many children's shampoos do not irritate the eyes, the moment of shock is enough, and so it is no wonder that the little cheeky badgers then try to defend themselves against it with their hands and feet or are afraid of washing their hair. Who wants to be overwhelmed by water and foam?

Washing your child's hair without crying and drama: This is how you take away your child's fears

But what can you moms and dads do now so that your little rascals become true water adventurers and the children don't cry or be afraid when they wash their hair?

The first tip is closer than you think: mimicry. You know, in these young years we are the absolute heroes to our little explorers. Our mini mermaids and sailors imitate us - perhaps more often than we want. And you can use that to your advantage: for example, enter the shower deck yourself and show your kids how much fun it can be! With our kid's shower, thanks to the 3-way adapter, you don't have to squeeze yourself under a shower head, but you can shower together at the same time.

Also an enduring bathroom classic: “I can do it myself!” Our little captains suddenly want to have a say and be on board. And if we let them take the wheel sometimes, things can run more smoothly - children can even learn to wash their hair while playing! Just let your Kinnings take the helm themselves – shower head tour and choice of shampoo included! By the way: This is particularly easy with our children's shower, as the rotating shower head ensures that your kids have their hands free. You can also adjust the water jet there yourself, and it's great to look at too! For maximum self-determination, you can even let your children decide when purchasing which motif will soon accompany them on their journey to an easy hygiene routine. Fine!

Next tip: showering starts well before the first drop of water! So explore the colorful world of shampoo on the drugstore shelves together. It sparkles in all colors, there is the smell of adventure - and there are even products that glitter like the surface of the sea. Being able to choose your own children's hair shampoo and then proudly wearing it into the shower at home like Bolle can do wonders for the fear of washing your hair! Children's shampoos are also extra mild and gentle, so they don't sting if a little gets into your eyes. Because of course, washing your child's hair should be an adventure - but please without big crocodile tears!

A great tip for children with wild hair: Sometimes the fear of the shower lies somewhere else: Maybe it's the general hair care itself. Pulling brushes in the bathroom or nasty elastic bands that knot your hair can also affect the rest of your hair care. Whirlwinds with longer hair in particular are real fans of gentle hair care. That's why special shampoos for easy combing are real treasures - it's best to use our special children's brush without pulling (detangler brush) . The little helper works wonders and relaxes the little ones and you parents.

A kid's shower can also be used. Your kids don't have to hold the shower head themselves and can adjust it flexibly - all by themselves, great! You can also show the adventurers how to wrap a cozy towel turban around their heads. By then the little mermaids and sailors will feel really big!

Speaking of soaping your hair – almost like a magic trick, right? Let your children become shampoo wizards themselves! Depending on the length of your hair, put a dab of shampoo the size of a hazelnut or a walnut into your little hands, using a real magic spell like “Abracadabra and Simsalabim – I can do the hair thing all by myself!” Summon the good bathing spirits and then throw them into your hair.

Always play it safe: If you want to 100% prevent even a drop of shampoo from splashing into your eyes, it helps to rinse your hair upside down. The eyebrows act like a foam barrier and the water quickly runs down the cheeks. There is no room for tears. This also means that the hair gets tangled less and doesn't pull as much when combing later. There are even cool umbrella caps that protect your kiddos' eyes, nose and mouth from water. Or how about diving goggles? This turns the shower dilemma into an exciting diving adventure! Waterproof protection and fun included – this is real washing magic. Nevertheless, always try to have a dry towel ready that is always within reach in case your little deep-sea diver gets too wet - running water can also feel scary for the little ones at first on their cheeks and forehead.

Oh yes, and speaking of washing magic: There are lots of books that deal with the great adventure of washing hair with small children, for example "Hair washing magic. Washing hair is very easy " by Ann-Katrin Heger or "ministeps: washing hair, brushing teeth" by Sandra Grimm. You can browse through them together and explain to your children exactly how hair washing works - then there will be no unpleasant surprises. Maybe your little sailors will be inspired to shower with funny clips and cheerful children's songs!

Your child doesn't want to wash their hair even though you've tried all of our great tips? Then here is the most important tip: Give your water rat enough time and space. Yes, diamonds may be created under pressure, but it is better to combat fears gently. Therefore, take the pressure off when washing your hair and stay patient! When children say things like “If you don’t wash your hair, we’ll have to cut it!” If you hear it, most people would probably rather jump headfirst off the plank than enter the bathroom again.

Always remember: For children, many fears are completely real, even if they seem nonsensical to us. Taking your concerns seriously and first listening to what you're afraid of is the first step towards improvement. So first ask your kids themselves, if they are old enough, what scares them when washing their hair or how they imagine the big shower adventure. Sometimes it just takes a little patience and preparation to conquer the fear of the big shower and its jet of water.

Wash your child's hair: With these 7 playful tips, it will be a real washing adventure for your cheeky little one

The patience clock is audibly ticking as my partner Astrid bravely tries to tame our daughter's wild mop of hair, which writhes beneath her like a slippery eel. A loud “NOOOOOOOOO” thunders through the air and a minute later a soaking wet Astrid is standing next to me. “That’s your daughter too, clear that up!” Sound familiar? Then here are my best dad shower tips:

1. Foam Party Red herring!

How about you start a little competition with your child while washing their hair together? It worked wonders for us. Who creates the coolest foam hairstyles? And who will manage to build the highest bubble tower? With plenty of bath foam you can do a lot of nonsense! There's nothing nicer than forming high mountains of soap, great foam hats or long bubbling beards together. When you're chatting away, time flies - and the drama of or fear of washing your hair disappears.

2. How about a children's cappuccino?

Do you like going to the hairdresser? Then try making washing your kids' hair palatable in this way. Simply place a stool in front of the bathtub, at the sink or in the shower, a towel on the hard edge of the pool and your wellness visit can begin. Why not ask them whether the water temperature is really that pleasant, which shampoo they would like or whether they would perhaps like a children's cappuccino after rinsing it out. With so much VIP treatment, most children forget their fear of washing their hair and instead have a lot of fun. And if your child doesn't want to go to the hairdresser anymore, you can stage the whole event as a pirate adventure - there are no limits to your imagination!

3. Let the little ones become the big ones too

Mom and Dad are real persuaders, but sometimes it's just more effective to try it out yourself. So how about a role reversal? Let your kiddies wash your own heads. Your children will be amazed when they suddenly get to wash your hair. This is so exciting that the drama is simply thrown overboard. And let’s see who will be the first to shout “nooo!”

4. Every cheeky badger loves toys

Have you ever thought that small, colorful cups or watering cans are not only cool for building spill castles, but also make rinsing them really fun? The water flows comfortably and specifically over the head of your little water rats and is therefore much more pleasant. Well, isn't that brilliant?

5. Let your little adventurers become real divers

We've already mentioned this trick, but it's simply brilliant. Why only put diving goggles on your little ones in the swimming pool when it works just as well in the tub or shower? Why not put one on while you're at it - this way you can offer your children protection while washing their hair and turn washing their hair into a diving adventure in which your kids bravely face the huge mountains of foam. If this isn't true adventure magic!

6. Can you already...?

Your little rascals are up for water fun, but washing their hair doesn't work? Then here's another brilliant trick from the sailor's handbook: challenges! Children love to prove themselves - especially if you tease them a little. “Are you able to duck your head yet?” or “Can you swim on your back with your ears submerged?” And just like that, your hair is already wet! Bet your little ones will get involved right away?

7. Maybe go to grandma and grandpa instead

If none of that helps, you can always change location. You know, every child is their own little ship with their own course. Some people prefer the shower to the tub. Sounds strange, but it is true! It's best to just try it out. And if the wind at home really isn't blowing in the right direction, then maybe try it at your grandparents' house or at the swimming pool.

Super duper secret extra tip: A shower for children!

The bathroom is a place that, even today, is still primarily aimed at adults: high sinks, large toilets, high shower faucets. As a parent, it becomes a challenge to teach independence. That's exactly why we developed the kid's shower for you: it can be attached to your existing faucet at child height in just a few simple steps. Thanks to the rotating shower head, your little ones have their hands free and can adjust the strength of the water jet themselves! She also looks cool - well, if that's not an insider tip!

How often should you wash your toddler's hair? – 3 myths about washing hair in children

Have you already read ten articles about it and somehow found thirty opinions on the topic? Don't worry, after this short digression you'll finally be smarter!

How often you should wash your children's hair depends on various factors: the age of your children, their hair type and of course the extent of the dirt - when a piece of Nutella bread flies particularly awkwardly across the breakfast table and lands precisely in the child's curly mane , different measures are of course required than for normal hair greasing. So don't worry, you don't have to swing the shampoo bottle at every splash party!

Myth 1: What has to, has to

Don't make washing your child's hair a compulsory event, but rather a fun adventure! Especially for little mermaids and sailors before primary school, it is enough to motivate them to wash their hair once a week. Unless your Kinnings snuggled up in the cereal bowl for breakfast or chose the jam bread as a fluffy pillow.

Myth 2: A lot helps a lot

This may apply to patience or coffee, but not necessarily to washing hair with a toddler. Sure, regular adventures in the tub or shower are important, but as already mentioned, your children definitely don't have to wash their hair every day. Washing too much can wash away the scalp's natural oils and lead to dry hair. So it's about finding the perfect balance and not lathering your hair too often. However, if your explorer's hair becomes oily quickly, it will probably need to be washed more often. If you have a really dry mane, you should avoid washing your hair too much so that your little one's hair doesn't dry out. So keep a close eye on your little surfers and adjust your hair wash accordingly.

Myth 3: All children are equal

If you are looking for a fixed number or a regularity that you can strictly follow, we unfortunately have to disappoint you at this point: it doesn't exist. Every child has a different hair texture and needs different things in hair care at different stages. For example, if your toddler only has chick fluff, he needs a different strategy than if he has a flowing mane of curls. General activity also plays a role: If your cheeky dog ​​runs around a lot and wildly, it can happen that the hair turns into a sweaty mud toupee. In such cases, it is of course advisable to reach for the shampoo bottle more often. So adapt the extent of your hair washing adventures to the activity level of your little explorer!

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