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Design: Meerjungfrau durchsichtig
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You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: The clearance showers sold here are fully functional but may have minor imperfections like scratches or small paint chips. Even these little gems deserve a loving new home. That's why our B-grade products are discounted and ideal if you want to buy an affordable shower online for your child.

Dimensions vary depending on the design; just look at the product image:
Square = Width 40 cm; Height 40 cm; Depth 10 cm
Rectangular = Width 30 cm; Height 40 cm; Depth 10 cm


Easy to install in just 3 minutes

More independence

makes your child proud and courageous.

With joy and fun

your child is looking forward to showering.

Just shower

With our included 3-way adapter, the children's and parents' shower are always ready for use, even at the same time.

Fredi's kid's shower at your home